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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Things to do and see in Kurunegala of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the best place to spend the summer or winter vacation. Whether going with family or alone everyone will love this place. I love going off the pitch type of beaten track on my travels which probably explains why the town of Kurunegala in Sri Lanka ranks highly with me.  Despite this not being on the normal tourist route or trail, I enjoyed a lot the town and fun which are few cool things to do in Kurunegala. Kurunegala is a small town in Sri Lanka that bereft of the tourist vibe and other parts of Sri Lanka seem to celebrate in. Kurunegala is slightly more smoky and raw, yet peaceful and relaxing. There is a quiet lake that is accompanied by busy rush hour traffic in this town and hidden in the valleys of Sri Lanka. It also acts as an interchange station between Dambula and Colombo.  Every year tourist from different countries makes their Sri Lanka ETA visa and travel to Kurunegala. We all know their so many places to experience in Sri Lanka, Kurunegala is one of them.
Here are some details to do things in Kurunegala:
The Samade Meditation Buddha: The highlight of Sri Lanka in Kurunegala is Samade Meditation Buddha. This massive white Buddha statue is unmissable on entrance to the town and this should be the main focus of everyone visit - a striking emblem towering over a very typical and local Sri Lankan town. This Buddha statue does show the work of art of an artist which overlooks the valleys and offers unbelievable views over the town and nearby area. There are also monkeys for the animal devotee.

You can travel by walk all the way to the top if you like it, but it might be a fair trek in the heat. So not to worry hire a car driver to take you up and admire the views. At the top you can also buy a few souvenirs and leave a donation which worth to your kindness.
As far as things to do in Kurunegala go, this place is probably going to be your highlight.
Welegedara Cricket Stadium: If you are a cricket fan then this is hardly the biggest cricket stadium in Sri Lanka. This stadium strongly reminder that people of this country is with love for this game. Former World Champions, there is only one main cricket stadium in Kurunegala, and other ones are for host.
Sunset view at Kurunegala Lake: Just book your staying place near to Kurunegala Lake and view the sunset. At Kurunegala tank and Rantalia Lake, this marvelous basin of water sits on the edge of the town away from the traffic. It is free to sit and admire the views, walk around the lake.
Today I have explained all on Kurunegala of Sri Lanka. So whenever you visit Sri Lanka from Colombo you can get any traveling communication to visit this place. Apply for Sri Lanka visa and have a proper valid visa with you.

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